NSW ITABs (Industry Training Advisory Bodies) is the umbrella organisation for 11 individual ITABS. They are:

NSW Community Services and Health ITAB (CS&H)
Apprenticeship Engagement Forum (AEF)
NSW Agrifood ITAB
Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA)
Australian Industry Standards (AIS) NSW ITAB
Transport & Logistics & Automotive
NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology ITAB
Resources and Infrastructure NSW ITAB
Arts Communications Finance Industries and Property Services ITAB (ACFIPS)

NSW ITABs encourages traineeships and apprenticeships, promotes VET and supports the implementation of training packages. Each ITAB covers one or more specific industry sectors.

NSW ITABs supports the flow of useful advice, intelligent ideas, creative thinking and clear communication between industry and government.

NSW ITABs believes in blue sky thinking.

What's happening now...

There are more than 100 infrastructure traineeships available for school leavers. Apply now for a February start

 The NSW Government has designed a new traineeship program for 2020 school leavers in the infrastructure industry, with more than 100 places available across NSW. This two-year traineeship program combines TAFE studies with practical experience working for NSW Government agencies and private sector industry employers. Trainees will have the opportunity to complete a Cert III or Cert IV in either Business, Project Management, Procurement, Surveying or Conservation. Here are some important points to help you make up your mind:
• two years full-time paid work, while studying 1-2 days per week.
• Nationally recognised Certificate III or IV qualification from TAFE.
• Vital workplace experience you can take anywhere.
• Nothing to pay for your qualification, and no debt!
• February 2021 start – so you can enjoy your summer first!
• Available in metro and regional areas.
• No prior experience is required. We are after people who have finished school and are keen to start a career.
Visit https://www.apprenticeshipcareers.com.au/Infrastructure-Traineeships right now.

Students believe a construction apprenticeship gives them the edge in a post-COVID world

As of 30 November, 200 students started a school-based apprenticeship in the building and construction industry trades in 2020. This is a record not only for building and construction, but surpasses the number achieved in every other industry segment in NSW. Fuelling this success is the partnership between the AEF, TAFE NSW and the Department of Education Vet in Schools team via the introduction of the Mathematics in Trades Pathway and Trade Readiness courses in high schools across NSW. Something to cheer about in a gloomy year.

FREE infection prevention and control training

This training will provide you and your workers with the skills you need to better identify and respond to COVID-19 risks in your workplace. It will support implementation of your business’s COVID-19 Safety Plan.
It will provide you with the skills you need to follow organisational infection prevention and control policies and procedures, including implementing precautions and responding to infection risks in the workplace.
Training places will be available across a variety of industries. However, workers in retail, tourism, transport & logistics, hospitality, cleaning & security services, and aged & disability care will be given priority.
Training is available across NSW and will be delivered by approved Smart & Skilled training providers. Click here to find a provider in your region. Visit the Training Services NSW website for more information on infection prevention and control training. Please note that delivery of training is subject to the availability of places.
This initiative by the NSW and Commonwealth governments will enable you and your employees to better respond to COVID-19 risks in your workplace and reduce transmission risk. It will also give your customers the confidence to re-engage with your business.