NSW ITABs (Industry Training Advisory Bodies) is the umbrella organisation for 11 individual ITABS. They are:

NSW Community Services and Health ITAB (CS&H)
Apprenticeship Engagement Forum (AEF)
NSW Agrifood ITAB
Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA)
Australian Industry Standards (AIS) NSW ITAB
Transport & Logistics & Automotive
NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology ITAB
Resources and Infrastructure NSW ITAB
Arts Communications Finance Industries and Property Services ITAB (ACFIPS)

NSW ITABs encourages traineeships and apprenticeships, promotes VET and supports the implementation of training packages. Each ITAB covers one or more specific industry sectors.

NSW ITABs supports the flow of useful advice, intelligent ideas, creative thinking and clear communication between industry and government.

NSW ITABs believes in blue sky thinking.

What's happening now...

Hello Tony Palladino

NSW ITABs welcomes Tony Palladino as the new Executive Officer of the NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology ITAB. It's great to have you on board, Tony. We also bid a fond farewell to Norm Cahill, the outgoing and long-serving EO of U&E. Norm is off to do — perhaps not better — but probably more fun things. We know he'll miss the acronyms.

Wouldn't have missed it

NSW ITABs rolled up recently to the Career Advisors Association's information day and exhibition for new high school careers advisors. Everyone took turns manning our table — in this instance, Tim Cleary from Forestworks and Susan Scowcroft from the NSW Community Services & Health ITAB. Attendees were interested in the possibilty of school visits, the Maths in Trades Pathway and delighted to discover there were more traineeships and apprenticeships on offer than they thought possible.

A Maths in Trades Info Session is coming to Moree & Tamworth

Andrew Bryson from the Apprenticeship Engagement Forum is setting out as I post to tell you all about the Mathematics in Trades pathway. He’ll be in Moree on 5 June for a lunchtime session and in Tamworth on 6 June for an afternoon session. This is your last chance to book at http://tiny.cc/AEF2. Please make sure you choose the correct tab at the bottom of the booking page before registering for your choice of session. Maths teachers, career advisers and interested people welcome. For more information contact Andrew.bryson@bigpond.com