Amenity Horticulture Showcase Day

City: Sydney
Venue: Andreasens Nursery 1543 Elizabeth Drive Kemps Creek
Date: 28 February, 2019
Time: 09:30AM to 02:00PM
Sponsor: NSW Agrifoods ITAB
Price: $0.00
Member Price: $0.00

This event is closed.

Do you love growing things? Do you like getting your hands dirty? Do you like being outdoors? Naturally! Then a school-based NSW Amenity Horticulture traineeship should be perfect for you. Come along on Wednesday, 28 November. Your questions will be answered. There will be hands-on workshops — nursery/plant production; green wall construction and irrigation; pathing construction; and a climbing arborist (that’s more of a demonstration). AND … lunch. BUT … you MUST book, you can’t just show up. Contact — do it now.