Utilities & Electrotechnology

NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology ITAB

The NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology Industry Training Advisory Body (NSW U&E ITAB) provides industry and the NSW Government with advice on Vocational Education & Training matters in New South Wales for: the Electricity Generation; Electricity Supply Industry (Transmission; Distribution and Rail); Electrotechnology; which includes; electrical and electronics; refrigeration & air conditioning, computer data and communications cabling and sustainable and renewable energies as well as the Gas Supply Industry including natural gas via transmission and distribution pipelines; Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) which is carried in a range of vessels and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) which is chilled to minus 160 degrees so it can also be carried in tankers or cylinders.
The NSW U&E ITAB acts as a conduit for information between industry and government by co-ordinating committees, workshops, meetings and conferences to gather and disseminate information.
The businesses in NSW involved with Utilities and Electrotechnology include State Owned Corporations, private companies, contractors and small businesses. The ITAB also works closely with public, private and community based Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and schools.
The NSW U&E ITAB’s goal is to bring together all parties interested in training in the Utilities and Electrotechnology industry in an impartial environment for sharing of ideas and resources, thus allowing cost efficiencies and improved investment in the industry’s skilled workforce.
Training packages
UEP12 Electricity Supply Industry – Generation Sector
UET12 Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector
UEE11 Electrotechnology
UEG11 Gas Industry
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Executive Officer
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