Arts Communications Finance Industries and Property Services ITAB

The Arts Communications Finance Industries and Property Services Ltd ITAB provides advice to the NSW Department of Industry — Training Services NSW for the following industry sectors:
• Arts – cultural and creative industries
• Communications – IT, telecommunications, graphic arts and printing
• Finance Industries - financial services and business services
• Property Services - real estate and security industry
The ITAB works closely with industry and government to promote employability skills. Helping to improve productivity, effectiveness and efficiency and provide an expanded skills base with which to deal with the changes and challenges facing particular industry sectors is a key objective.
Training packages
BSB07 Business Services
FNS10 Financial Services
FSK Foundation Skills
ICA11 Information and Communications Technology
CUL11 Library, Information and Cultural Services
CUS09 Music
ICP10 Printing & Graphic Arts
CPP07 Property Services (Property Development, Sales and Management, Security, Access Consulting)
CUF07 Screen and Media
ICT10 Integrated Telecommunications
TAE10 Training and Education
TAE Training and Education
CUV11 Visual Arts, Craft & Design
CUV Arts and Culture
CUA Live Performance and Entertainment
Max Wilson
Executive Director
Ph:  (02) 9979 1470
PO Box 985
Newport Beach, NSW 2106

Helen O'Moore
Project Officer

Greg Cheetham
Project Officer