NSW ITABs (Industry Training Advisory Bodies) is the umbrella organisation for 11 individual ITABS. They are:

NSW Community Services and Health ITAB (CS&H)
Apprenticeship Engagement Forum (AEF)
NSW Agrifood ITAB
Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA)
Australian Industry Standards (AIS) NSW ITAB
Transport & Logistics & Automotive
NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology ITAB
Resources and Infrastructure NSW ITAB
Arts Communications Finance Industries and Property Services ITAB (ACFIPS)

NSW ITABs encourages traineeships and apprenticeships, promotes VET and supports the implementation of training packages. Each ITAB covers one or more specific industry sectors.

NSW ITABs supports the flow of useful advice, intelligent ideas, creative thinking and clear communication between industry and government.

NSW ITABs believes in blue sky thinking.

What's happening now...

Need additional support for Maths in Trades? Join John on Wednesdays

In total, 92 high schools in NSW and Victoria have now participated in the Apprenticeship Engagement Forum’s Maths in Trades implementation workshops. So exciting! Please join our @MathsInTrades Chat on Wednesdays at 3.30 to 4.30pm with @xqmeng for additional support.

FREE infection prevention and control training

This training will provide you and your workers with the skills you need to better identify and respond to COVID-19 risks in your workplace. It will support implementation of your business’s COVID-19 Safety Plan.
It will provide you with the skills you need to follow organisational infection prevention and control policies and procedures, including implementing precautions and responding to infection risks in the workplace.
Training places will be available across a variety of industries. However, workers in retail, tourism, transport & logistics, hospitality, cleaning & security services, and aged & disability care will be given priority.
Training is available across NSW and will be delivered by approved Smart & Skilled training providers. Click here to find a provider in your region. Visit the Training Services NSW website for more information on infection prevention and control training. Please note that delivery of training is subject to the availability of places.
This initiative by the NSW and Commonwealth governments will enable you and your employees to better respond to COVID-19 risks in your workplace and reduce transmission risk. It will also give your customers the confidence to re-engage with your business.

Serious Financial Services training package questions ...

PWC’s Skills for Australia (SfA) has released the draft training products in the Financial Services (FNS) training package for review and public validation, the projects include: Customer Service; Insurance Services, Agency and Broking; Mortgage Broking; Mercantile Agents; Personal Injury; and Core Financial Multi-disciplinary Skills.
More detail can be obtained from SfA via the link:
There are nine updated qualifications being considered: 
FNS10120 CI in Financial Services
FNS20120 CII in Financial Services
FNS30220 CIII in Personal Injury Management
FNS30420 CIII in Mercantile Agents
FNS40820 CIV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
FNS42120 CIV in Personal Injury Management
FNS50320 Dip of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
FNS51420 Dip of Loss Adjusting
FNS51920 Dip of Personal Injury and Disability Insurance Management
ACFIPs is also interested in hearing from in the Financial Services sector on any concerns industry or RTOs may have with the proposed qualifications.
You can contact me directly by email, gregcheetham6@gmail.com or phone on 0409618136
We encourage you to engage with PWC Skills for Australia to ensure industry receives the best possible training for its workforce.