NSW ITABs (Industry Training Advisory Bodies) is the umbrella organisation for 11 individual ITABS. They are:

NSW Community Services and Health ITAB (CS&H)
Apprenticeship Engagement Forum (AEF)
NSW Agrifood ITAB
Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA)
Australian Industry Standards (AIS) NSW ITAB
Transport & Logistics & Automotive
NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology ITAB
Resources and Infrastructure NSW ITAB
Arts Communications Finance Industries and Property Services ITAB (ACFIPS)

NSW ITABs encourages traineeships and apprenticeships, promotes VET and supports the implementation of training packages. Each ITAB covers one or more specific industry sectors.

NSW ITABs supports the flow of useful advice, intelligent ideas, creative thinking and clear communication between industry and government.

NSW ITABs believes in blue sky thinking.

What's happening now...

First in Australia — what a gas!

Congratulations to Blake O’Connell, Brayden Goulding, Rhys Newham and Brad Gould; along with Taylor Pritchard and James Rusten who missed out on the pic. They are the first apprentices to achieve a trade in Gas Industry Operations in Australia.
In May 2014 the Certificate III Traineeship for Gas Supply Operations was converted to a three-year apprenticeship in Gas Industry Operations in NSW. Jemena was the first company to take up this gas industry apprenticeship in Australia.
The apprenticeship provides a recognised trade qualification for those working in gas distribution and transmission assets/networks. Over the course of the program the apprentices were exposed to all aspects of this work including incident response, working in live gas, pipe repair, metering and pressure control.
The 2017 graduating apprentices are the first intake since this program was transitioned from a traineeship into an apprenticeship.
Well done to the now tradespeople, Jemena and EnerTrain (the RTO) on this achievement. The gas industry is growing quickly and more needs to be done to meet the growing demand for training in this field.

How to beecome a beekeeper

Interested in doing a school-based Cert III in Beekeeping? Two high schools in northern NSW will be showcasing the traineeship later this month. Students, parents, teachers and employers are all welcome to attend. Bear in mind that you MUST register; you just can’t buzz over and join in. Spaces are limited so get your name down now.
There’ll be plenty of information about what’s involved in the Cert III and the launch will be followed by a visit to a local commercial apiary. UNE will also be there to discuss pathways to university.
Wednesday, 25 October
Grafton High School
To register and for more information call:
Karen Bennett Karen.Bennett7@det.nsw.edu.au or (02) 6656 6611
Thursday, 26 October
Alstonville High School
To register and for more information call:
Karen Bennett Karen.Bennett7@det.nsw.edu.au or (02) 6656 6611

Students given the green light to have a go

The Transport & Logistics & Automotive ITAB and 20 students from Glenmore Park High School recently had the pleasure of visiting the Woolworths’ Sydney Regional Distribution Centre at Minchinbury.

The students were able to see the many facets of the Woolworths operation. The Minchinbury Centre services more than 190 NSW Woolworths stores. They spoke with a number of employees who gave the students an overview of their careers in the warehousing and logistics sector.

Students not only had the opportunity to observe the operations at Woolworths, but experience what it was like to drive a heavy vehicle with up to two trailers attached via a simulator. They explored not only the art of driving, but how to deal with issues that may arise during the drive itself. The simulator provides life-like experiences without the risks of driving a real truck. Some of those life-like experiences included driving at night, how it feels to have a tyre blow out and how to control the truck safely.

Freight volumes are expected to double in the next 20 years and the demand for skilled transport and logistics workers is increasing as our population and freight volumes grow.
In NSW, more than 500,000 people — almost 14 per cent of the workforce — are employed in transport and logistics.