NSW ITABs (Industry Training Advisory Bodies) is the umbrella organisation for 11 individual ITABS. They are:

NSW Community Services and Health ITAB (CS&H)
Apprenticeship Engagement Forum (AEF)
NSW Agrifood ITAB
Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA)
Australian Industry Standards (AIS) NSW ITAB
Transport & Logistics & Automotive
NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology ITAB
Resources and Infrastructure NSW ITAB
Arts Communications Finance Industries and Property Services ITAB (ACFIPS)

NSW ITABs encourages traineeships and apprenticeships, promotes VET and supports the implementation of training packages. Each ITAB covers one or more specific industry sectors.

NSW ITABs supports the flow of useful advice, intelligent ideas, creative thinking and clear communication between industry and government.

NSW ITABs believes in blue sky thinking.

What's happening now...

We're taking an in-depth look at the Business Services training package

A broad review of the Business Services (BSB) Training Package will soon begin at the national level at the direction of the BSB Industry Reference Committee (IRC) and supported by the skills service organisation PwC’s Skills for Australia.

The BSB Training Package houses a large volume of cross-functional business training products, the BSB IRC has identified an opportunity to better equip learners with the transferable skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the future Business Services workforce.

This represents an exciting opportunity to play a critical role in improving and shaping training to meet the current and future skills needs of industry.

Two projects (‘Business Enterprise Skills’ and ‘Technical Skills’) will be delivered in seven streams of work, each to be guided by a Project Working Group (PWG) of subject matter experts. 

Lesley Mitchell, Chair ACFIPS Business Services, and Max Wilson ACFIPS Executive Director, have been appointed to the Project Working Group for stream seven, Leadership and Management Group.

An ACFIPs forum on Leadership and Management is planned for later which will provide an update on the project and allow those interested to provide input to the project

Love to knead?

Interested in getting a Cert III in Baking via a school-based apprenticeship? Come along to a baking industry showcase day at Moxons Bakery in Armidale on Wednesday, 29 August. This is a free event. Lunch will be provided. Amongst other things, there will be four, hands-on workshops — plaiting bread, spraying meringues, cake decorating and judging a perfect pie. Because places are limited, you just can’t rise up and rush along, you MUST register. Contact Susi Bell on 6755 5016. Talk to your careers advisor today.

So, yeah. Maybe I'd like to be a wall & ceiling lining fitter.

But how do I do that? Choosing the right subjects at school can make linking up with an apprenticeship much easier. Download a list of subject choices suggested by the industry for Years 9, 10, 11 & 12 at the Apprenticeship Engagement Forum website. http://ow.ly/FYJB30ifg3v